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21.06.2024 Instructor Area

The password to the Instructor Area on this website has been changed today. Member Instructors can request the new one by clicking here.

28.05.24 CMAA Centre of Excellence

Congratulations to the Senshi Karate Academy who have now competed all of the requirements to become a CMAA Centre of Excellence.

13.05.24 New Members

We welcome Francis Mooney 3rd Dan and Tatakau Ju-Jitsu.

07.05.24 New Members

We welcome Andrew Heap 5th Dan and the Grimsby Aikido Club.

03.04.24 New Members

We welcome Anthony Heath 3rd Dan and Yokai Ju-Jitsu.

24.03.24 CMAA Membership

CMAA membership includes free insurance to train/spar/compete within a member club or at all CMAA events. For full details click here, this page can also be accessed via the website homepage of drop down menu.

15.03.24 New Members

We welcome Ralph Greenwall 2nd Dan, Maria Greenwall 1st Dan and Greenwall's Martial Arts (Ju-Jitsu).

05.03.24 New Members

We welcome Colin Hardman 8th Dan, David Hardman 8th Dan and Soma Martial Arts (Ju-Jitsu, Kempo Karate, Kickboxing and Kobu-Jutsu).

14.02.24 New Members

We welcome Adam Caga 2nd Dan and Fightek Martial Arts (Karate, Thai Boxing & Kung Fu Combined).

12.02.24 New Members

We welcome Christopher Middleton 5th Dan, Laura Middleton 3rd Dan and Katashu Martial Arts (Wado Ryu Karate & Kickboxing, also John Peet 3rd Dan and the Spartan Element Kickboxing Academy.

06.02.24 New Members

We welcome Adil Munir and Iqra BJJ.

08.01.24 New Members

We welcome Jon Colley 4th Dan and Cojalina Martial Arts (Wado Ryu Karate & Kickboxing).

15.12.23 New Members

We welcome Ian Queen 4th Dan and Oritsu Martial Arts (Wado Ryu Karate).

21.11.23 National Black Belt Register

Members please check the National Black Belt Register and let us know if any amendments are required.

11.10.23 New Members

We welcome Peter Brady 5th Dan and Kenzoku Martial Arts (Jiu-Jitsu & Kobojutsu).

19.09.23 New Members

We welcome David Moon 3rd Dan and Romiley Karate (Shukokai).

18.09.23 New Members

We welcome Natalie Bryden 3rd Dan and Infinity Wellbeing (Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing) .

01.09.23 New Members

We welcome Ray Heeks 6th Degree and the Darwen Kung Fu School.

31.07.23 New Members

We welcome Matt Stait 4th Dan and the Modern Samurai Martial Arts Academy.

28.07.23 New Members

We welcome John Blairs 7th Dan and U-SU Tae Kwon Do.

18.07.2023 Grade Promotions For Non-CMAA Members

As a reminder the CMAA does NOT offer grade promotions to non-members, listing on the national black belt register is open to everyone (subject to vetting) but grade promotions/certification is restricted to CMAA members only.

07.07.2023 CMAA Centre of Excellence

More clubs have now achieved CMAA Centre of Excellence status,

01.06.23 New Members

We welcome James Gutteridge 2nd Dan and Hoshin Tae Kwon Do.

25.05.23 New Members

We welcome -

1. Lorraine Lowe 1st Dan and Safe Aura Ltd (Freestyle Combat Ju-Jitsu).

2. Richard Garman 6th Dan and the Great Yarmouth Ju-Jitsu club.

16.05.23 New Members

We welcome John Sneddon 4th Dan and Cowdenbeath Ju-Jitsu (Ju-Jitsu & Kickboxing).

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