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In support of members the CMAA office will not be closing over the festive period.

27.07.22 New Members

We welcome Deborah Forster-Sharples 6th Dan and the Staffordshire Ju-Jitsu Club.

08.07.22 New Members

We welcome Marc Jenkins 3rd Dan and the Kaizen Academy of Martial Arts (Kickboxing).

21.06.2022 Instructor Area

The password to the Instructor Area on this website has been changed today. Member Instructors can request the new one by clicking here.

16.06.22 New Members

We welcome Tracey Rhodes-Hunter 1st Dan and Best Defence Martial Arts (Kickboxing).

10.06.22 New Members

We welcome Lee Savage 6th Dan and Savage Martial Arts (Ju-Jitsu).

27.05.22 New Members

We welcome Lee Rivers 4th Dan and Allstars Kickboxing.

19.05.22 New Members

We welcome Carl James 1st Dan and Chi Hei Sen Ju-Jutsu.

09.05.22 New Members

We welcome Martin Flack 3rd Dan and Flacks Fight Academy (Muay Thai).

25.04.2022 CMAA Centre of Excellence

More clubs have now achieved CMAA Centre of Excellence status,

02.04.22 Martial Diversity

Being respectful of diversity is massive in all walks of life as are equal opportunities. This has always been a part of our instructor training programme (Martial Arts Instructor UK) and both are questions in the exam for Level 1. Many of us already do this but due to conversations in the past and one prominent this week we are now launching a new ideal named 'Martial Diversity' which is explained in full on a new page on our website.

24.03.22 New Members

We welcome Wesley Streete 6th Dan and Shinwa Karate Kai (Wado Ryu Karate).

21.03.22 New Members

We welcome Majka Karas 2nd Dan and Kumandra Martial Arts (Wado Ryu Karate & Kickboxing).

17.03.22 Change to DBS Fees

The DBS have announced a reduction in their fees which we will of course pass onto CMAA members.

As from 6th April an enhanced disclosure for members will be:

£38 plus £3 CMAA admin fee for paid persons and just the £3 admin for volunteers.

10.03.22 New Members

We welcome David Cave 2nd Dan and Cobra Kickboxing Isle of Wight (Shotokan Karate & Kickboxing).

04.03.22 New Members

We welcome Darren Horner 2nd Dan and British Freestyle Karate.

02.03.22 CMAA Instructor Area

Updated and new forms have been added to the Instructor Area on this website.

06.01.22 Online Courses

Online courses are still available, contact the CMAA office for details.

10.01.22 New Members

We welcome Rachel Bradshaw 4th Dan and Ashfield Tigers Freestyle Kickboxing.

04.01.22 New Members

We welcome Don Carroll 1st Dan and Mile Oak Self Defence (Freestyle Karate).

21.12.21 Cobra Gold Members 'CGM'

2022 not only sees the CMAA 20 become years old, it also sees some of our club owners reach 20 years membership. To recognise this they will be awarded a special gold stitched CMAA badge to wear in addition to the letters 'CGM' which they may use after their black belt level when signing certificates etc. The black belt register will also be updated to show the letters after their grade.

17.12.21 New Members

We welcome Bob Hart 7th Dan and World Ju-Jitsu UK.

29.11.2021 New Members

We welcome Paul Smith 3rd Dan and Sensei Smith Karate (Sport Karate).

16.11.2021 CMAA Centre of Excellence

More clubs have now achieved CMAA Centre of Excellence status,

19.10.2021 The CMAA Will Soon Be 20 Years Old!

2022 sees 20 years since the CMAA was established. This will also see the return of our annual event 'CMAA Assemble' (formerly the summer course) in addition to a 20 years commemorative badge which will be available from December onwards.

08.10.2021 New Members

We welcome Colin Morrison 4th Dan and Kudos Cobra Martial Arts.

23.09.2021 New Members

We welcome Paul Wiffen 4th Dan and The Paul Wiffen Academy (Kickboxing, K1 & Sport Boxing).

16.09.2021 National Black Belt Register
As a reminder the CMAA does NOT offer grade promotions or certification to NON MEMBERS.
Listing of current grade on the National Black Belt Register is available to non-members but evidence of past grading history will be required.

27.08.2021 New Members

We welcome Charlotte Kent 3rd Dan and Karate Style Fitness (Shotokan).

17.08.2021 New Members

We welcome Terry Stidworthy 2nd Dan and St. Keverne Ju-Jitsu.

23.07.2021 New Members

We welcome Joshua Dadd 3rd Dan and the Goshin Dojo (Freestyle, Ju-Jitsu & Kobudo).

01.07.2021 New Members

We welcome Matt Stait 4th Dan and the Modern Samurai Martial Arts Academy (Kickboxing, Krav Maga, KAPAP, Self Defence, Grappling, MMA & Sportsword).

15.06.2021 New Members

We welcome Ibrahim Tarmsarei 4th Dan and Tiger Martial Arts (Kickboxing).

08.06.2021 New Members

We welcome David Bamforth 4th Dan and Zen-Shin Ju-Jitsu.

25.05.2021 New Members

We welcome Simon Merrill 1st Dan and ATS (Anderson Tae Kwon Do School).

19.05.2021 New Members

We welcome Kevin Green 1st Dan, Liam March 1st Dan and Applied Martial Arts (Kickboxing & MMA).

18.05.2021 New Members

We welcome David Fairley 4th Dan and TSX Martial Arts (Kickboxing).

14.05.2021 Instructor Area

The password to the Instructor Area on this website has been changed today. Member Instructors can request the new one by clicking here.

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