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1. Club/Instructor Membership
Instructor/Club membership is one in the same and while club membership of the CMAA is free, it is based on all students and Instructors being CMAA members with all membership licences being up to date. Should you allow all of your CMAA membership licences to expire, your club membership will also expire at the same time as your last student licence does. Student membership is also only
 valid while your club remains a member of the CMAA. Instructors allowing all membership licences to expire will then have to re-apply to join the CMAA. Successful re-application is not guaranteed. Instructors who take out ‘Club Membership’ and then fail to register any members within the first 3 months of joining will face having their club membership revoked unless they notify us as to the reason. In these cases notifications are not sent out. The same will apply should the club close for any length of time (without informing us) and licences expire during this period.

2. Student Membership
It is the responsibility of both the Instructor and the student to ensure that CMAA membership licences are in date. These should be checked before every grading, competition or course. Reminders are NOT sent out. Out of date student membership licences will be backdated as per the statement on the licence form. To see exactly what
the licence fee includes click here. When renewing each year please ensure that the CMAA membership number is given on every occasion. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being processed as a new member and issued as such with a new number from the date the form was signed.


3. CMAA Logos

All CMAA logos, along with the CMAA name abbreviated or otherwise, must not be used on any of the following unless officially issued by the CMAA:

a. Certificates of any kind

b. Badges or other embroidery / printing on club uniforms

The CMAA logos can be displayed on literature, advertising materials or websites but only by registered current CMAA member clubs . Any person using them who is not a current CMAA member will be infringing on Trade Mark Law. All logos & banners must be removed under trade mark & copyright law should the club leave the CMAA or have membership revoked. Click here to view a download our logos.

4. CMAA Membership Licence Books
All CMAA standard membership books (licences) are issued free with membership and remain the property of the CMAA at all times and must be returned if requested.

5. Visiting Instructors
Should you wish to invite non CMAA Instructors to teach at your club from time to time this is of course fine, but prior to doing so please ensure that Insurance and DBS checks are up to date. It is not a requirement that you notify the CMAA office when doing this.


6. Club Locations
Unlike other groups the CMAA does not have (nor have we ever had) any 'rules' about how close a CMAA member club may be to another. Apart from not being legally enforceable this is an outdated concept due to the fact that if we were to 'dictate' where an Instructor may or may not open a club they would simply leave us, join another group, do it anyway and go into direct competition. What we do ask is that members respect and if
possible support each other.  

7. Student Transfers
As students can not be considered as 'property' should they cease training at one CMAA member club in favour of another that will be their choice entirely, in these cases CMAA membership will be transferred free of charge.


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