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CMAA Emergency Rescue Package

From time to time a club Instructor may decide to move their club from membership of one martial arts body in favour of another.

Unfortunately, sometimes when this happens, the martial arts body they are leaving begin contacting students and passing comments about grades no longer being recognised and insurance being invalid or suspended.

While it is their choice to recognise grades or not contacting students could be seen as ‘spamming’ or even harassment given the fact that neither the club or the martial arts body ‘own’ the students. 


With this is mind the CMAA offer our Emergency Rescue Package (ERP) which then allows the club to carry on with lessons etc. during the transition period. The package includes the following FREE OF CHARGE.

  1. Free and instant club membership and registration for the instructor and their team.

  2. Free membership for every student up to the expiry date they had with the previous martial arts body. This also include free insurance - click here.

  3. Free logo design to remove the name of the previous martial arts body if required OR complete design if needed.

  4. Free grading certificate design and setup.

  5. Free access to syllabus if needed, or help writing their own.

  6. Access to Instructor Insurance direct from the broker if required, although as instructor insurance is personal to each person a simple phone call to the current insurance broker should suffice so long as it’s clear who that is!

To take advantage of the plan simply contact the CMAA by clicking here.

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