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Self Defence Instructor Training


Many Martial Arts Instructors teach self-defence as part of their syllabus within their clubs.

The problem comes when the instructor tries to teach the same techniques to members of the public who do not attend regular martial arts classes so do not have the experience or time to practice, what can seem to them as, quite complicated techniques. In addition there is the law, reasonable force, 3rd party perception, CCTV and what constitutes the use of a pre-emptive strike to consider.

Being of Black Belt Instructor status may mean a person can teach Martial Arts classes, however it does not mean that they can teach public self defence outside of their normal club environment regardless of how many years training they have had.

Cobra Self Defence run courses so that instructors can add to their existing skills which will then enable them to be better 'public' CMAA certified Self Defence Instructors.

Certification carries a 2 year tenure and is then renewed by either:
a. Running regular public self defence classes as a full member of the CMAA.
b. Attending a Cobra Self Defence Instructor training course every 2 years.

To become a Cobra Self Defence Instructor you will have to meet the following criteria : -
> Minimum of  Black belt * (or equivalent) in your chosen style
> Must run or assist in the running of a martial arts club
* Assistant Instructors graded to 4th KYU/KUP and over may also take the course however certification will not be valid until Black Belt (or equivalent) is achieved.

Self Defence Courses

Cobra Self Defence courses are open to everyone and are run at regular intervals through out the year.

Each CMAA certified instructor teaches their own syllabus so although the teaching methods will be the same you are guaranteed to receive instruction on different physical methods from each Instructor.

Courses cover subjects such as: -
# The law, reasonable force and perception
# Effective blocking/covering
# Use of effective Striking
# Nerve points
# Break away techniques
# Grab and restrain
# Take-downs
# Ground defence
# Disarming and more¦..


Bully Aware


Under the Cobra Self Defence banner we have developed the 'Bully Aware' programme utilising aspects of the law within the UK.

Unlike other ‘anti bullying’ programmes ours has been written to focus on educating children to identify certain aspects of this horrible situation encouraging them to speak out to teachers, parents and friends.


We also look at supporting the victim with regards to their legal rights and what they can do to defend themselves both verbally and physically.

The programme mainly focuses on verbal and physical bullying and a fact which is missed by many with both aspects is that they are both are crimes! Verbal bullying is harassment, physical bullying is assault - even worse and dependant on the reason for the bullying it could even be considered as a hate crime!


We don’t believe we can ever stop it but education can help to prevent it. In fact the term 'bully' is outdated and should be replaced with 'offender' as they are breaking the law by their actions given that the legal age of criminal responsibility with in the UK is 10 years old (12 in Scotland). 


We also look at school rules relating to no fighting reiterating that this is absolutely correct. However everyone has the right to defend themselves in law and our programme focuses on that too. Fighting by definition is 2 people trying to hurt each other, self defence (a right under common law) is one person trying to hurt another and the other stopping them. Consideration therefore needs to be given when/if a victim reacts to their bully (offender) either verbally or physically, that they may be doing so as a victim of crime acting within the law. Any punishment which follows for doing so could then be seen as an infringement of their rights under 76 of the Criminal Justice & Immigration Act 2008 Common Law Self Defence. 

For further information or to receive a full copy of the Bully Aware programme contact us by clicking here now

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