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As a thank you to club owners we have 2 awards available which are given free of charge when they reach 10 years and 20 years membership.

These are NOT available to students or members of our club Instructor teams, they are exclusive to club owners.


When club owners renew their free membership at ten years continuous membership we will send

a red leather licence book. These are similar to the standard black belt books so your details and grades will be entered before we send it to you. If you have a black one this will of course be returned to you.














Once a club owner reaches 20 years membership of the CMAA they are awarded this gold stitched badge to wear. These badges are only available to club owners and also come with the letters 'CGM' which they may use after their black belt level when signing certificates etc.

The letters 'CGM' are an abbreviation of 'Cobra Gold Member'.

Club Owners Long Service Awards

CMAA Badge.png

Standard CMAA Badge

Cobra Gold Member Badge

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