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What is Cobra Kick-Jitsu?

Cobra Kick-Jitsu is a combination of the throws, locks, groundwork from Ju-Jitsu and the kicks and strikes from Kickboxing.


Who Wrote the Syllabus?

Andrew Morrell, President of the CMAA. has put together a syllabus for clubs to use. Andrew himself holds senior level Black Belts in both Kickboxing (7th Dan) and Ju-Jitsu (5th Dan) and it is this background on which the Cobra Kick-Jitsu syllabus has been based.



Courses are held at regular intervals through out the year. Please visit the CMAA events page by going to to find the date and location of the next one.



For a person to be graded in Cobra Kick-Jitsu he /she must hold a valid CMAA membership licence. Certification is issued direct from the CMAA office only and in order to grade to the next level all certificates from previous grades must be produced. It should be noted, however, that a person graded in Kick-Jitsu couldn't claim to hold a grade in MMA.

Sparring & Competing

Unlike MMA sparring and competing in Kick-Jitsu is FULLY insured. The CMAA have written a full set of rules, a copy of which are available upon request.


Teaching Cobra Kick-Jitsu

Copyright law protects the Cobra Kick-Jitsu syllabus and as such only CMAA registered clubs/Instructors may use and teach from it. Once an existing CMAA Instructor reaches the grade of Blue in Cobra Kick-Jitsu he/she may then apply for an Instructor/Grading Officer licence and begin teaching the style within their own clubs. This licence will be renewable on an annual basis.



The syllabus is available from the Instructor Area on the CMAA website or via email from quoting your CMAA Licence/Membership number.

Copyright Cobra Martial Arts Association 2005

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