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Equal Opportunities & Respecting Diversity

The Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) is 100% committed to the equality of opportunity that is afforded to everyone within all aspects of training and assessment.


The CMAA will take every possible step to ensure that each person is treated equally and fairly throughout their training within all aspects their Martial Arts pursuit.


Respecting Diversity.

The CMAA recognises the fact that everyone is different and entitled to live their lives as they see fit. To that end the CMAA opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of Race, Nationality. Ethnic Origin, Religion, Sexuality, Marital Status, Age, Vulnerability or Disability. Within the United Kingdom it is illegal to discriminate against any of the above.


Equal Opportunities.

All individuals are entitled to the opportunity to realise their abilities and potential, to that end the CMAA will, if possible, safely alter any training regime or syllabus so as to enable their participation as and when required.

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