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Covid Come Back Package For Clubs Closed Completely Since March 2020

Many clubs have been able to remain running online very successfully during the pandemic and opening as and when they could retaining almost all members, others have had the support of members who have kept membership fees up to date and taken part in lessons as and when they could. 

However some had no choice but close altogether in March 2020 meaning the loss of all members in addition to some venues and income. Once these clubs can re-open again they will be potentially starting again from scratch trying to attract new members and hoping old ones return. We have developed a come back package in order to help with this, so if your club has remained closed completely throughout the whole pandemic resulting in temporary loss of all members contact Andrew Morrell for the details.

Back Dating Expired Memberships

No expired student membership will be back dated if expired while inactive, instead all will receive a full 12 months from the date we receive the renewal. The expired time will still be honoured with regards to gradings.

CMAA Martial Arts Schools COVID-Secure Policy
This policy was updated 09/04/2021 so any previous versions should be disregarded,

it can be downloaded by clicking the PDF image.


CMAA Return to Contact Training Guidance Document

This document was published on 12/07/2021.

Government Guidance 

For guidance on your own nation use the links below.

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