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We have an Association embroidered badge available for you to buy should you wish to do so. Due to the colour they can be worn by Instructors on blazers or by students on their Gi.

SIZE: 3.5" wide.

PRICE: £4.00 (includes postage)

CMAA Badge.png

Black Belt embroidered with the CMAA logo and your Dan bars on one side with your name / club name on the other.

Available in lengths of 280cm and 320cm (Satin).Price: £19.95 + P&P.

Click the logo to order yours from our friends at The Embroidery Depot


NEW! We have an Association clip on tie available to compliment the CMAA badge when worn with a blazer for gradings, functions, or just about any occasion. It is fully woven with the CMAA logo and initials.

Price: £19.95 (includes postage & packing)

Instructor Badges

These are only available via our national instructor training programme 'Martial Arts Instructor UK' Click Here.

Spares can be purchased for £4 each, contact the CMAA to order.


CMAA Badges, Belts & Ties

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